Who am I?

Diego Denora was born in Tivoli (1988), graduated in Italian Literature and Linguistics at the “Università La Sapienza” in Rome. After completing his studies, he served as a national civil volunteer, teaching Italian to adult migrants, refugees and children. In the meanwhile, he attended a professional degree in “Marketing and Communication” and received an academic award in the Italian parliament for his university career (2016).

After that, Diego worked in Rome as a copywriter for an online business and finance newspaper (2017), then he moved to Munich (Germany) and started his career as a marketing specialist. After 2 years he moved to Valencia to pursue his career and develop new skills. Now he is working as Marketing Director for an investment company in Madrid.

He currently lives in Valencia, developing literary and photographic projects, attending photographic courses and workshops.

He works in Italian, German, English, and Spanish.

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